Farm-to-table is an initiative that is very dear to GoNative. We believe that the secret to great food is fresh, nutritious ingredients. In order to guarantee that, we source fruits and vegetables from a collective of organic farms in the outskirts of Bengaluru for our restaurant and the Unpackaged Store. Through Native Circle, our farmer-connect initiative, we also source a wide variety of indigenous and popular grains, pulses, spices and oils from within a 500 km radius. We ensure that our partners are involved in fair trade and eco-friendly farming practices.

And there’s more…

To promote and popularise organic farming, Native Circle has created over a 100 videos featuring farmers and academics with first-hand experience and theoretical knowledge on how to make the switch to more environment-friendly practices. The videos collectively have over 7,50,000 views and have helped us build a community of over 8000 farmers. To build a more profitable season for the farmers, we also empower them to plant secondary crops, which we use to develop personal care and packaged food products.


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