Naviluna Chocolate Factory Tour

With dilated pupils and a nod of sheer amusement, I bit into my first Naviluna American Barrel-Aged chocolate bar. The factory is set in a bright yellow building in Mysore that’s tucked away, and yet stands out perfectly in contrast to all the green that surrounds it. Naviluna, formerly known […]

FoodSwap your way to better health

We all know the tale- “Someone’s blood sugar levels are too high and the first thing doctors and dieticians ask is to cut out all white rice and refined wheat from their meals”. Now, with rice and wheat being the staple of all our meals, it begs the question:  What […]

The fall and phoenix-like rise of Channapatna craft

A small town situated on the outskirts of Bangalore, Channapatna has been known as the Toy Town of Karnataka. The vibrantly coloured cylindrical and block shaped wooden toys iconic of the region have today received worldwide acclaim.   Toy production here started when Tipu Sultan invited artisans from Persia to […]


When you watch historical movies from Karnataka or Maharashtra, you cannot help but notice the women in bright coloured cotton sarees with signature red borders. What you’re looking at is one of Karnataka’s biggest contributions to the rich handloom tapestry of India — the Ilkal weave. Ilkal saree weaving began […]


If you’ve ever shopped our store, you will have noticed that the clothing and accessories you come across here are radically different from those in malls and other large chain of stores. At GoNative, we are influenced by the movement triggered by Fashion Revolution. We are more conscious of our […]


The Latest Showstoppers in Eco-Friendly Fashion

Sustainable fashion is slowly becoming the talk of the town. More and more designers and brands are experimenting with natural fibres that make great clothes and accessories without harming the environment. In our effort to undo the damage, we’re going back to fabrics and raw materials we used a few […]